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Welcome to the Virginia Diabetes Council Website. We hope you will find this website to be user friendly and a useful tool for the latest in Diabetes information and education. Please take a look and open the menu items available for your use. The site is still being populated so some Council Information may still be missing.

If you are not listed and wish to be a member, go to member signup and complete the information requested. 


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VDC and the Virginia Heart Disease and Stroke Alliance are collaborating to plan a joint outreach and education program. If you are interested in helping with outreach and coordination of program content, please send an email to Susan Copsetta, VDC Chair at

VDC Meeting  November 8th  9-12

Davis Center 2015 Staples Mill RoaRichmond

Please RSVP

Dear Council Members,



For my first message as Chair of the Virginia Diabetes Council, I would

like to reflect on the year past as a Council, while focusing on the way forward. I am thankful for the leaders who have gone before me and would like to express my appreciation to Rhonda Keith, Past Chair, for her commitment over the past 2 years. Additionally, I would like to recognize the commitment and support of Mike Barrett, past Secretary, Gary Effron, current Treasurer and Kathy Gold and Lana King for their continued support.


In looking forward to our future, I recognize that, as a Council, we have many challenges to face. With all the changes in the economy and healthcare, we have to work smarter and strategize to achieve our mission and goals. We must endeavor to increase public awareness and understanding of health and disease in order to provide measurable outcomes at both the State and local levels. Growth and progress are often times heralded by change. I urge all of you to embrace the changes and the opportunities they bring while actively questioning how we can flourish as a Council. The most effective way to challenge yourself and your fellow healthcare professionals is to exercise your voice as a Council Member. Consider taking up a leadership position, as we have many open, to support the Council and shape the future of diabetes education and healthcare. As of today, we have Chair-Elect and Secretary Positions to fill.


In addition to roles with the Council as a leader, we must all consider other available opportunities. Upon review of our Diabetes State Plan, we have completed some great objectives but have many that are outstanding. For example, our March 2008 goal of creating a marketing plan “to continually recruit and engage a diverse statewide membership representing individuals and coalitions concerned about diabetes”, has not been started. The future of the council lies within each individual member. By taking an active and engaged role in council events, we can enact critical and positive change in diabetes education, awareness, and healthcare. I am excited for what this year holds and ready to tackle these challenges as a team.    


I look forward to seeing everyone November 8th! 



Susan Copsetta MSN, RN, CDE, ACNS-BC

Virginia School Nurses:  2013-2014 School Year

The updated forms for Diabetic Students are now available School Nurse's Forms

VDC Summit Speaker Slate

If you are interested in any of the 2011-2012 summit materials, such as presentations or if you have a question for any of our speakers, you can download the contact information of the summit speakers below. Please feel free to communicate with our diabetes experts.  Click Here